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Just click in the input field you want to input text into and "talk" to the application, and Woice will transcribe your words and fill-out the selected input field seamlessly.

As a developer, you don't need to add any code to your application. Just import Woice SDK into your application, initialize it with your API Key and your selected language, and Wocie will take care of  transcribing user-spoken texts into input fields, seamlessly and accurately.

Your user won't need to know any keyword or shorcut, just activate Woice and talk to the application.


Use advanced Natural Language Processing to understand your user commands and trigger events within your application. Define your intents and training phrases using Google's DialogFow and let Woice use your trained model to surprise your users.

When coupled with a DialogFlow, Woice processes voice commands through it. If any intent is recognized, Woice will dispatch an event that you can capture and process using Javascript.

To make implementation easier, Woice SDK provides the developer abstract JS methods to check and retrieve any intent and entities identified in the Natural Language Analysis, and trigger actions based on them, making the whole voice-command-to-action journey a breeze.


Feedback your users using your own voice.

In addition to processing application envents for Interaction, Woice SDK will automatically provide spoken answers to user if your DialogFlow's intent provide a Text Response, and provides a global "talk" JS method that allows the developer to provide spoken feedback to user at any point in the application in addition to events-triggered messages.