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We understand privacy is a significant concern when it comes to voice interfaces, specially in the light of the wrongdoing that we have all witnessed from some companies in this space


As such, we want to clearly state that:

  • We do keep record of Woice requests in order to apply usge-bassed discounts and for audit reasons.

  • However, don't keep any voice record (we don't store your users' actual voice commands), and we don't make ANY use of the records we keep, the input commands, the transcribed text, or any Natural Language Analysis for ANY purpose.

  • We don't sell them. We don't analyze them. We don't do it "for the purpose of improving our service", and not even "for the purpose of improving the service we provide you". 

  • We just don't do it.

  • And you won't need to go through our Terms and Conditions carefully looking for the redtape.

In addition to that:

  • We don't collect ANY information about the end-user identity or location.

  • Any record we store is strictly anonimizated. No piece of information capable of identifying the originating application is ever stored along with any transcribed text.

  • We automatically erase all client data once the legaly-required period of time has passed.

  • We allow any of our clients to request removal of any and all records regarding any of his or her applications from our servers at will.